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Latest News

  1. The neurobiology of sex: A researcher’s hunt for the neural circuits of passion


    Pleasure, pain, hormones, nature, nurture… There are many players that determine when or even if sex happens. In this short series, Susana Lima, head of the Neuroethology lab at Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon, tells us about her work on cracking the neural circuits that wire up sexual behaviour.


  2. Seeking to unlock the inner workings of the brain... from behind a computer


    It was a sunny October afternoon. Christian Machens was waiting for us in his bright contemplative office, surrounded by books on Neuroscience and Mathematics. On his office door, a revealing sign, with the words ‘Theoretical Neuroscience’ written on it.


  3. Interview with Hopi Hoekstra, geneticist, evolutionary biologist


    Hopi Hoekstra is not your garden-variety scientist. She started doing research in biomechanics and then went on to do fieldwork on grizzly bears before she finally settled, “somewhere in the middle”, to work on mice. Her main job in the last few years has been to try to unravel the genetic evolution of complex behaviors, such as parental care, in wild desert mice.


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