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Postdoctoral fellow position to study microbiome-behavior interactions

  1. Date: 6.6.2017
  2. Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon - Portugal
  3. Employer: Champalimaud Foundation - Research
  4. Job type: Full Time
  5. Position: Postdoctoral Fellows
  6. Application start: 6.6.2017            

  7. We are seeking to hire a microbiologist with a strong background in microbial genetics to study the effects of specific microbes on host behavior. We have established a model in which two specific gut bacteria species alter feeding decisions in the powerful genetic model organism Drosophila melanogaster. You will coordinate a new interdisciplinary project funded by the Kavli and the Champalimaud Foundations. The project aims at employing bacteria genetics to study how the microbiome affects the appetite of the host. We aim at combining microbial genetics, metabolomics, cutting edge automated, quantitative behavioral assays, and circuit imaging approaches to identify the mechanism by which these microorganisms act on the brain to influence specific appetites of the host.

    You should be an experienced, creative, passionate, dedicated, and productive microbial genetics with a strong interest in expanding your scientific horizon into the direction of circuit neuroscience and behavior. Experience in metabolism research, microbe-host interactions, genetics of Acetobacteraceae and/or Lactobacilli, and/or the use of Drosophila as a model organism are strong advantages but not required. A proven ability to learn, independence, and leadership skills will trump specific technical skills. We are an interdisciplinary and international team working together to tackle the neuronal basis of nutrition. We strongly value team spirit and a positive and empowering work environment. You can find more information at: Gourmetflies
    Candidates are encouraged to send applications (cover letter, CV, and contact information of 3 references) to Carlos.Ribeiro@research.fchampalimaud.org.
    Openings are available immediately and applications will be reviewed until the position has been filled.

    About the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme:
    The Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme aims to understand the biological basis of behavior and cognition. The research teams include members from across the world. Located on the waterfront in central Lisbon, Portugal, the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown is equipped with cutting edge research facilities. We offer a stimulating, internationally diverse and highly collaborative work environment and competitive salary & benefits. Lisbon’s sunny Atlantic-Mediterranean climate, vibrant culture and high quality of life make this a great place to live and work. English is the official language of the institute.

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