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Postodctoral Position at Stem Cell & Regeneration Lab (Rhiner)

  1. Date: 27.2.2018
  2. Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon - Portugal
  3. Employer: Champalimaud Foundation
  4. Job type: Full Time
  5. Position: Postdoctoral Fellows
  6. Application start: 27.2.2018             Application ends: 15.4.2018

  7. The Stem Cell and Regeneration group at the Champalimaud Center in Lisbon currently invites applications for a fully funded postdoc position to study:

    Damage-responsive progenitor cells in the adult Drosophila brain

    Human and fly tissues have been lately shown to contain both actively cycling, but also non-dividing “reserve” stem cells. How normally quiescent stem cells switch to a proliferative mode is a question of broad relevance for tissue regeneration, but also cancer formation.
    The aim of this project is to use the powerful genetic tools available in the fruit fly Drosophila to gain a mechanistic understanding of how damage-responsive stem cells in the adult fly brain are activated and give rise to new neurons after brain injury.
    The successful candidate will use a combination of transcriptomics analysis (RNAseq),sensitive lineage tracing tools, genetics, high-end imaging and eventually behavioral assays to understand the regulation and function of adult neural progenitor cells.
    We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with experience in neurobiology or stem cell regulation in flies. Additional skills in molecular biology, imaging, electrophysiology or bioinformatics are considered a plus.

    The Champalimaud Foundation provides state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and a highly innovative and inspiring learning environment at the waterfront of vibrant Lisbon.

    • Simoes and Rhiner (2017). A cold-blooded view on adult neurogenesis. Frontiers in Neuroscience.
    • Moreno, Fernandez-Marrero, Meyer and Rhiner. Brain regeneration in Drosophila involves comparison of neuronal fitness. Current Biology 2015.
    • Fernàndez-Hernàndez, Rhiner and Moreno. Adult Neurogenesis in Drosophila. Cell Reports 2013.


    Recommended application deadline is April 15th, 2018.
    Reviewing of applications will start immediately until the position is filled with a qualified candidate.
    Interested candidates should send their CV including contact details of 2 referees and a motivation letter by e-mail to christa.rhiner@research.fchampalimaud.org. Informal requests can be directed to the same address.

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