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Mechanical Designer and Developer

  1. Date: 15.11.2019
  2. Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
  3. Employer: Champalimaud Foundation
  4. Job type: Full Time
  5. Position: Scientific and Technological Platforms
  6. Application start: 15.11.2019            

  7. We are currently accepting applications for one full time position Mechanical Designer and Developer who will be integrated in the Hardware Platform of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown and participate in the production of mechanical setups, specifically developed for neuroscience and cancer researchers.

    About the Hardware Development Platform:

    Our team operates at the interface of Science and Technology, working to support an interdisciplinary team of researchers whose projects address key research questions. The mission of the Champalimaud Foundation’s Hardware Platform is to provide support in the fields of electronics and mechanics in order to facilitate research at individual, group and programme level. For that, we are looking for candidates who are creative and work in a disciplined and well-organized manner. The primary role of the selected candidate will include the provision of technical research services directly supporting research protocols while working in partnership with investigators who are conducting research.

    Description of Work:

    The Mechanical Designer and Developer will be integrated and give support on several tasks of the Hardware Platform group, including:

    • Development and construction of custom mechanical setups according to the investigators’ requirements and with the support of Hardware Platform team;
    • Provision of engineering technical support to researchers;
    • Coordination of the purchase or fabrication of prototype parts.


    • Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design or in Mechatronics is preferred, although not mandatory;
    • Related professional experience is valued;
    • Knowledge of construction techniques, terminology, and documentation
    • Ability to interpret blueprints, construction drawings and similar technical documents;
    • Working knowledge of parametric CAD tools; knowledge in Solidworks, Inventor or Fusion360 are preferred
    • Knowledge and experience with different 3D printing technologies, the ability to make artwork finishing on 3D printed parts, as well as the capability to perform assembly of functional prototypes, typically involving elec-tronic and pneumatic devices, such as stepper motors, encoders, sensors, valves, actuators, switches, electronic boards, etc, will be very appreciated;
    • Experience with diverse mechanical tools such as: press drill, jigsaw, miter saw, benchtop milling and lathe ma-chines, table saw, belt and disc sander, bench grinder, and similar tools. Knowledge and experience of operating with CNC machines, and with Laser Cut machines will be preferred.
    • Highly motivated and reliable team player;
    • Responsible with good organizational skills;
    • Very good English communication skills;
    • Excellent technical problem solving, and analytical skills.

    Application Documents:

    Please send us a brief letter of motivation and CV, both in English, to filipe.carvalho@research.fchampalimaud.org with “HWMEC Nov2019 YOUR LAST NAME” in the subject line.

    Selected applicants will be called for an interview.

    Closing Date:

    The position will remain open until filled.

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