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Life in Lisbon

Each entering class comprises around eight students. Students generally live nearby the institute in Belém or in downtown Lisbon and form a strong community during the first year.

The CCU is located in the historic Lisbon neighborhood of Belem, at the west of the city by the shore of the river Tejo. Belem is communicated with downtown Lisbon by bus, tram and train.

Lisbon is an ancient and romantic city steeped in history, but infused by a growing and dynamic artistic, cultural and street life. Southern Portugal has a sunny and warm Mediterranean climate tempered proximity to the waves of the Atlantic. A reasonable cost of living and convenient transportation system make the city accessible to students. English is the official language of the institute and knowledge of Portuguese is not required. English is also very widely spoken in Portugal and Portuguese is not required for getting around, but classes are available at the institute for those wishing to learn.

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