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  1. Events

    March 04, 2020
    Obesity at the Interface of Neuroscience and Physiology
    2nd Edition
    Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
    website here

    March 05, 2020. 10:45
    Elizabeth McKenna
    Cancer Discovery: An Introduction and a Look Ahead
    Location: Seminar Room

  2. Colloquia

    March 05, 2020. 12:00
    Yael Niv
    Princeton University
    Location: CCU Seminar Room
    Host: Juan Castiñeiras

    March 12, 2020. 12:00
    Marshall Shuler
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    Location: CCU Seminar Room
    Host: Filipe Rodrigues

    March 19, 2020. 12:00
    Sebastian Jessberger
    Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich
    Location: CCU Seminar Room
    Host: Christa Rhiner