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  1. Theory Seminar Series

    July 04, 2017. 11:00
    Peggy Seriès
    Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK.
    Location: CCU Seminar Room
    Hosts: Alfonso Renart, Christian Machens

  2. Events

    June 28, 2017. 12:00
    Seminar: Nuno Maçarico da Costa
    Mapping cell types and connectivity of cortical microcircuits with high throughput electron microscopy
    Location: CCU Seminar Room
    Host: Leopoldo Petreanu

    July 02 - 22, 2017
    Interacting with Neural Circuits
    Application deadline: March 20, 2017.
    Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
    website here

  3. Colloquia

    June 29, 2017. 12:00
    Steve McCarroll
    Affiliation: Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, USA.
    Location: CCU Seminar Room
    Host: Megan Carey