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  1. Mapping the neural circuit of innate responses to odors


    We don’t know why CO2 is such an aversive odor [for fruit flies],“but one reason could be that stressed flies release CO2. – Maria Luísa Vasconcelos


  2. Where is George? Ask this software to look at the crowd


    I didn’t believe we could reach those numbers; it was a surprise. I thought there wouldn’t be enough information in the images. – Gonzalo de Polavieja


  3. Life of PI: Searching for the mechanistic explanations of brain function


    I feel like I’m still very much searching for a way to describe the essence of what it means to be a living organism in purely physical terms. – Alfonso Renart


  4. Losing neurons can sometimes not be that bad


    When we started, the current view was that neuronal death must be always detrimental. And much to our surprise, we found that neuronal death actually counteracts [Alzheimer’s] disease – Dina Coelho


  5. Tumour cells conquer territory from their neighbours using a newly discovered mechanism


    How do tumoural cells replace healthy cells to promote tumour progression? Scientists from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown and from the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), identified a mechanism that responds to cell deformation and can be exploited by tumoral cells to squeeze out and kill their neighbours. This mechanism may promote the early expansion of tumours.


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