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  1. CR Researchers discover hidden structure of enigmatic "backwards" neural connections


    The long-standing mystery of the organisation of “backwards” connections in the visual system has been solved. CR investigators discovered that they tell the brain where not to look.


  2. Run faster, learn better


    The finding could well apply to other forms of cerebellar learning in humans – Catarina Albergaria


  3. Being a "food lover" is not enough to explain why people become obese


    We often hear that obesity ‘is like an addiction’. [But] food reward is not the main reason for obesity. Therefore, food addiction is not the whole story. – Albino Oliveira-Maia


  4. Carmen Sandi: “There is a causal link between mitochondrial function and rank in social hierarchy”


    When we pharmacologically inhibited the activity of the mitochondria, the animals lost in social competitions. – Carmen Sandi


  5. Life of PI: From medicine to neuroscience and back


    All things considered, my role may be to find links between medicine and science, to develop a model of proximity between these two domains. – Albino Oliveira-Maia


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