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  1. When our world turns “upside-down”, serotonin helps us deal with it


    We think serotonin is not the happiness molecule. It is the neural and behavioral flexibility molecule. It gives us the opportunity to change, but we still have to do something for that change to go in a positive direction. – Sara Matias


  2. The recipe for optimizing protein content in the diet is written in the genes


    I like being optimistic, so I think that maybe we are closer than we imagine to developing an ideal diet, which could guarantee people’s good health throughout their life. – Samantha Herbert


  3. Artificial neural network learns to “unmix” a mixture of odors


    You always smell a mixture of odors, like when you enter a forest, there are mushrooms, dead leaves, flowers, animals and so on. So the hard problem is this: given a mixture of odors, how do you come up with a list of the odors in the mixture? – Alexandre Pouget, University of Geneva


  4. Humans of Science: Scott Rennie and Pooja Viswanathan


    Names: Scott Rennie and Pooja Viswanathan
    Labs: Behavioral Neuroscience at the CCU and Andreas Nieder’s lab at the University of Tuebingen
    Project titles: Using a game theoretical approach to study cooperative behavior in rats
    and Neural representation of numerosity in primate frontal and parietal areas


  5. More serotonin, less motivation? It depends on the circumstances


    [Short] stimulations [of serotonin-producing neurons] reduced the animals’ motor activity only when they were freely exploring a new environment, with no directed ‘goals’. (...) Long term stimulation triggered a second effect: the mice became globally more active. – Patrícia Correia


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