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Bruno Costa-Silva receives EMBO Installation Grant

  1. 18.12.2017

    EMBO announces today (December 18, 2017) seven life scientists as recipients of EMBO Installation Grants. These grants will support the early-career researchers in establishing their independent laboratories in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Portugal and Turkey.

    Bruno Costa-Silva, head of CR’s Systems Oncology lab, was one of the seven awardees. His project will study the association of Exosome populations with liver metastasis.

    As Costa-Silva explains: “Many healthy processes in the body work through the exchange of tiny vesicles, called exosomes. Cancerous cells, however, hijack this system to promote metastasis. The lab is working on uncovering how cancerous cells do this by intercepting vesicles exchanged between them and normal cells.”

    EMBO Director Maria Leptin says:“We are pleased to welcome these seven talented researchers to the EMBO community, and look forward to supporting them during this challenging step in their career in order to establish scientific excellence across the whole continent.”

    Each Installation Grantee receives 50,000 euros annually for three to five years from their host country to support the establishment of an independent research group. In addition to financial support, the recipients receive networking opportunities and practical support by becoming part of the EMBO Young Investigator network.

    This text was adapted from the original press release by EMBO.

    Costa-Silva lab
    The Systems Oncology lab

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