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Why do males have to wait for “round 2”?

  1. 4.1.2021

    If you type into a search engine – “why do men have to wait before having sex again?” – you will very quickly come across Prolactin. This little hormone is thought to be involved in hundreds of physiological processes in the body. Among them is the male post-ejaculatory refractory period. This period begins when a male ejaculates and ends when he recovers his sexual capacity.

    If you search a bit more, you’ll see that this theory has even led to the development of so called “treatments”. These promise to shorten the length of a person’s refractory period by reducing their body’s prolactin levels.

    Well, here is some bad news for anyone who has bought any such merchandise. A new study in mice by scientists at the Neuroethology lab reveals that prolactin may actually not be the culprit after all.

    Read the full story here.
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