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  1. ProjectAr take 01: Out of our seats and into the streets


    Ar | Respire Connosco launches ProjectAr – a new public event-series that aims to raise awareness for emerging societal issues while backing them up with science. The first event tackled climate change.


  2. How many become one


    Peeping into the black box of AI to discover how collective behaviours emerge


  3. Tumor resistance is promoted by anti-cancer protein


    New study reports the discovery of a mechanism that renders anti-cancer protein p53 ineffective against hypoxic cancer cells and in fact promotes their survival!


  4. How sleepless nights compromise the health of your gut


    Why are individuals that have irregular schedules more susceptible to gut inflammation and obesity? A study by the Immunophysiology group reveals a link between gut immune function and the brain’s circadian clock may very well be the answer.


  5. Novel math could bring machine learning to the next level


    “Allowing humans to drive the learning process of learning machines is fundamental to move towards a more intelligible artificial intelligence and reduce the skyrocketing cost in time and resources that current [learning machines] require in order to be trained”. – Mattia Bergomi


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Latest Publications

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