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  1. Major breakthrough in centuries-old puzzle


    A new psychophysical law discovered by the Circuit Dynamics & Computation group proved to be crucial for the solution of a 200-years-old puzzle


  2. Outcompeting Cancer


    A new study by the Cell Fitness lab reveals a potential way of stopping tumours from destroying the healthy tissue that surrounds them.


  3. Virtual reality takes a leap into taste


    Champalimaud Researchers develop a system for creating virtual taste realities in fruit flies.


  4. Science Snapshot: Deciphering the Magnetic Signature of Cancer


    Short video featuring the most recent collaborations between Champalimaud Research and the Champalimaud Clinical Centre


  5. Solving the "Catch 22" of rectal cancer


    New collaborative study between CR and the CCU Clinic results in an innovative MRI technique that can help with rectal cancer diagnosis


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