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  1. Scientists reveal the “Lego pieces” that form complex zebrafish movements


    Much like music is made of notes, the complex behaviors of zebrafish larvae, such as hunting or social interactions, are formed from a small set of movements types arranged in specific sequences. – João Marques


  2. Bruno Costa-Silva receives EMBO Installation Grant


    The grant will be used to study the association of Exosome populations with liver metastasis


  3. Applications now open!


    Apply now to the International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme! Deadline: January 11, 2018.


  4. When parasites rule… some animals cannot refrain from doing pretty stupid things!


    Imagine these animals in the wild. They have difficulties activating a cautious behavior.- Cristina Afonso


  5. Humans of Science: Tony Bell


    Who are today’s scientists? Inspired by the project “Humans of New York”, Ar Magazine turns the spotlight on individual humans of science every month.


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