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Michael Orger

  1. Michael Orger, PhD
    Principal Investigator

  2. Michael Orger studied Natural Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge. After early research experiences working on yeast cell biology, he became intrigued by the mysteries of the brain and decided to specialize in neurobiology, winning the University neuroscience prize. He moved to the University of California, San Francisco to pursue a PhD in neuroscience as a Howard Hughes predoctoral fellow. Excited by the possibilities for combining behavior and systems neuroscience with genetics in the emerging zebrafish model system, he explored zebrafish vision using psychophysical and genetic approaches in Herwig Baier’s laboratory. After finishing his thesis, he joined Florian Engert’s lab at Harvard University as a Helen Hay Whitney Fellow, using optical imaging techniques to record activity in populations of neurons in the small, transparent brain of the fish. His laboratory will study neural circuits underlying visually guided behaviours, in particular how sensorimotor transformations are performed across different brain regions.

Key publications