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  1. Lottem E, Banerjee D, Vertechi P, Sarra D, oude Lohuis M, Mainen ZF (2018) Activation of serotonin neurons promotes active persistence in a probabilistic foraging task Nat Commun

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  4. Mendonca, Marcelo D; Meira, Bruna; Fernandes, Marco; Barbosa, Raquel; Bugalho, Paulo (2018) Deep brain stimulation for lesion-related tremors: A systematic review and meta-analysis

  5. Mendonca, Marcelo D.; Caetano, Andre; Viana-Baptista, Miguel (2018) Dr Google will see you now - time trends in online searches on headache

  6. Rennie, Scott M.; Platt, Michael L. (2018) Mice learn to avoid the rat race Nature

  7. Joana Maia, Sergio Caja, Maria Carolina Strano Moraes, Nuno Couto, and Bruno Costa-Silva (2018) Exosome-Based Cell-Cell Communication in the Tumor Microenvironment. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 6 (18)

  8. Kathrin Steck, Samuel J Walker, Pavel M Itskov, Célia Baltazar, José-Maria Moreira, Carlos Ribeiro (2018) Internal amino acid state modulates yeast taste neurons to support protein homeostasis in Drosophila eLife

  9. Veiga-Fernandes H and Artis D. (2018) Neuronal-immune system cross-talk: a new paradigm in physiology Science

  10. Nuno Couto, Sergio Caja, Joana Maia, Maria Carolina Strano Moraes, Bruno Costa-Silva (2018) Exosomes as emerging players in cancer biology Biochimie epub (epub)

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